Welcome to Nani Naturals! We hope you enjoy our page and our products. I have been interested in natural products for many years now. We are surrounded by enough chemicals that are either carcinogenic or disrupt hormone function, the last thing a woman needs! After extensive research on common chemicals found in body care products, I began looking for alternatives to put on my skin, an organ that breathes, absorbs, and is the first view people have of our "personhood". Nani Naturals began with my own search for what was best for my skin and hair, and making recipes in the kitchen! After much research, a recipe was developed with the very best natural ingredients, that would moisturize, heal, strengthen and promote youthful skin. As I shared samples with family and friends, some very pleasant surprises surfaced. Reports of persistent rashes and eczema disappearing, more hair growth, fading sun spots, even relief from insect bites from our creams. Some of those using our mud mask informed us of immediate comments from others about the youthful glow their faces suddenly showed. 

With all of these positive results, a decision was made to make these products available to all, including you!

We are committed to using only pure, natural ingredients. Feel free to share your own experiences with our products here, and present us with any questions you may have!